Scoliosis Q & A

by Ellen Bialo, DC

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a condition that causes the spine to curve out of its normal alignment. Scoliosis can occur in different parts of the spine and cause different degrees of curvature, either front to back or side to side, and sometimes in both directions. Severe forms of scoliosis are typically treated with bracing, but many people have mild forms of the condition which can be managed with close monitoring. Even mild forms of scoliosis can cause discomfort in the area of the back where it occurs, in other areas of the spine, and through the pelvis, legs, and feet.

What causes Scoliosis?

Some cases of scoliosis can be caused by muscular or nervous diseases or disorders, like cerebral palsy, or by injuries, infections or birth defects. Most cases, however, have no identifiable cause.

How does Scoliosis affect the body's balance?

Scoliosis twists the spine, causing shoulders and hips to move out of alignment. As a result, even simple movements like walking and standing can cause muscle strain and inflammation in the joints Many people with scoliosis may have leg length discrepancies, which can cause pain in the knees and feet.

How can chiropractic help manage Scoliosis?

While chiropractic treatment cannot cure scoliosis, non-force techniques using gentle motions performed in a specific timed sequence may help reposition the spinal joints that have moved out of alignment due to curvature in another area of the spine. By stimulating the muscles and other soft tissue over and around the spine, non-force chiropractic helps to relieve stress, strain, and inflammation and restore a more natural balance for a greater range of motion and flexibility. Proper chiropractic help can assist in lessening the curve and preventing it from getting worse.


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